10 Essential Self-Care Tips: A Winter 2020 Checklist

Winter, quite frankly, can get pretty depressing, sad, mentally  and physically draining. Add that to the abysmal year 2020 has  been and we got problems coming out of the wazoo!

Temperatures are dropping, nights are getting longer and  curfews are being implemented. Therefore, this is the perfect  time for a winter self-care checklist to nurture and nurse your  body, mind and soul.

Try these 10 self-care ideas for winter, which you could add to your regular self-care routine:

Here is your one-stop guide to the must have 10 Essential Oils (EOs) to start of your collection:
  1. Bath & Bubbles:

Nothing is more relaxing than a good soak to wash away the  aches and pains of the day. A good bath has magical properties  to turn our frown upside-down!

But, do you know what makes a bath truly luxurious? High quality bath salts & oils.

Especially during the winter, we like to use a mix of A  Conscious Edit’s Crystal Bath Salts & Soul| Ritual Bath Oil.

Filled with the benefits of Magnesium and Himalayan Pink  salts, Essential Oils & Aromatherapy goodness; this bath hits all  the right spots!

Escape away from the chaotic partners, children and work-life  and slip into Zen-mode… don’t forget to grab your rubber  ducky along!


2. Drink a mug of Hot Cocoa:

Make a cup of hot chocolate and take your time to enjoy the  rich goodness of it. It will make you feel warm and wholesome  while it is frigidly frightful outside!

We enjoy The Cacao Club’s Pleasure & Intimacy Blend made  with organic Cacao Beans, Cinnamon, Tahini, Cayenne Pepper  and Rose Otto. Not only does this melted goodness help calm  nerves, distress and reduce inflammation but also acts as an  aphrodisiac!

There is no better way than to keep warm on a cold winter’s  day than enjoying a hot mug of cacao … & your partner!


3. Light a scented candle:

Nothing is better than pampering yourself in aromatherapy  without any noisy distractions around.

Whether it is online shopping, scoffing down a big bowl of  pasta, watching a good Christmas movie (maybe, doing all 3 at  the same time?) the best way to do anything is in sweetsmelling candlelight.

Our choice of scent is The Queen Idia Candle!  Filled with notes of Lavender, Hibiscus & Soft African Moss, this  is the ultimate fix for all your aromatherapy junkies out there!

Plus 100% sustainable! Yay!


4. Dress up, just because

You may not be going out as regularly as you are used to and this may be making you a bit depressed. But just because you are stuck at home, doesn’t mean you can’t feel good!

Do what we do. Choose your favorite outfit; pair it with your  sparkliest heels, style your hair in the bounciest blow-dry and  use those carefully acquired makeup skills. Take a boatload of  selfies and strut your stuff around the house!

Look pretty. Feel good!


5. Call friends or loved ones:

We recommend you do this along with point 4.

Once you are dressed up to the nines, grab a glass (or bottle) of  your favorite wine and have a virtual night out (over Zoom,  Skype etc.) with your friends or loved ones!

It may not beat the real thing, but it sure comes pretty darn

6. Keep hydrated: 

60% of the human adult body is made up of water. It is vital for  clean, glowing skin; luscious hair and overall health that we  keep hydrated at all times!

But sometimes drinking plain old water can be pretty boring!  So, do what we do? Add a flavor (minus the sugar).

Laird’s Hydrate Coconut Water comes freeze-dried in zip-lock  packets. All you need to do to enjoy it is add one tablespoon of  powder to 8 ounces of water, mix and enjoy!



7. Take a walk in the cold:

Whether for 10 or 30 minutes, it is important to get some fresh  air and daylight to clear your mind off all worries & rest your  eyes from screens

We know, you are thinking right now it not the best time to get  out but if you are worried about touching anything, just take  along a sanitizer or disinfectant spray!

We recommend the all-natural blend of potent and protective  essential oils like Rosemary, Tea Tree, Lavender, Eucalyptus,  Niaouli, and Palmarosa, which are carefully added together to  create Soapwalla’s Disinfectant Spray.


8. Try Exciting DIYs:

The things that can be ingested can also be applied! That is a  beauty motto we live by. So homemade DIY’s come naturally to  us!

There is a variety of specially crafted; tried and tested DIYs you  can do yourself from the comfort of your home & the  availability of everyday products in your kitchen.

PS: It is a great way to spend a few hours!

Follow us on Instagram @guanako.official account for lots of  DIY inspo!

9. Sleep well: 

Stress can make our minds race and deprive us of our muchneeded beauty sleep.

When we are unable to sleep we mix half a disc of The Cacao  Club’s Peaceful Sleep Blend into a mug of hot milk, enjoy the  warm goodness & snuggle into bed.

Filled with the goodness of chamomile to treat insomnia,  passionflower – a natural sedative and tranquilizer, skullcap for  aches & pains; this medicinal hot cacao is god-sent in times of  need!

Can’t sleep? No need any more to count sheep have a drink &  you’re good to go!


10. Start your day off with a good brew:

Nothing is worse than to start off the day with post-coffee  acidity first thing in the morning. It ruins the entire day!

We have now solved this problem for everyone. With 100%  taste, the acidity, brew your own cup of Four Sigmatic  Mushroom Coffee to support productivity, focus and creativity throughout the day.

It is perfect to kick-start your morning and power through your  workday at the office or at home.

Drink it whenever your brain needs an energizing hug!

Remember ladies, each body is different, and so each Essential Oil may react to you differently. Another good rule to keep in mind when buying EOs is – quality over quantity and keep your wits about you.

Last but not least, the main thing to keep in mind when you  self-care is to:

Remember you are loved and special- because you are!