3 Easy Steps to Fill in Your Eyebrows

Long gone is the trend of the 90s skinny eyebrows. Full and perfectly arched eyebrows are the talk of the town now. But for some they are impossible to achieve. That’s why our green beauty experts have put together the perfect 4 tips to bring your unruly eyebrows to perfection.

Hynt Beauty’s organic makeup range of Eyebrow Definer
Duo Brow Spoolie Brush
Duet Perfecting Concealer
(https://www.guanako.com/?s=Duet+Perfecting+Concealer+&post_type=product) are the three basic tools you need.

Step 1: Line
Use the precise angled brush on the
Duo Brow Spoolie Brush (https://www.guanako.com/product/duo-brow-spoolie-brush/) to line the top of your eyebrow.

Start first by locating the starting point of your eyebrow. The start point is located when you hold your brush vertical to the bridge of your nose, right next to your nostril. Dip your brush into your eyebrow definer. Our choice of Hynt Beauty’s Eyebrow Definer is available in 4 different shades from blonde to taupe and espresso to
Mark that spot with the brush. Next, mark the ending point of your eyebrow by pivoting the brush so it aligns with the outer corner of our eye and connect the two dots with one light, even line.

Step 2: Fill
Start this step from the tail of your eyebrow, and use short, feathery strokes to fill in your eyebrow with the brush. What is important to note is that your strokes should begin at the underside of your eyebrow and move outward toward your temple to achieve the most natural look.

Step 3: Blend
Now use the spoolie brush end at a 45-degree angle to blend your pencil strokes into your natural eyebrow hair.

Step 4: Finish With Concealer
The last step includes applying a light layer of concealer under your eyebrow to add definition and create a sharper angle.
Select a concealer that is creamy and easily blends in. Use a small tipped, angled brush or the pad of your finger to add some concealer below your brows and on the arch of your eyelids. Once the concealer is applied blend-in to finish the look.

Our current choice of product is the Duet Perfecting Concealer
(https://www.guanako.com/?s=Duet+Perfecting+Concealer+&post_type=product) from Hynt Beauty.

And in those 4 easy steps your perfect, long-lasting and luscious eyebrows are ready!