5 genius ways to reuse and repurpose plastic bags.

Despite our attempt to use reusable bags when we are going to the grocery store but then there are moments in our life when we need plastic bags. We also feel very guilty to throw them out after using them once and we hoard them up under our sink. This guide will allow you to reuse and repurpose these plastic bags without throwing them away in the trash.

1.Keep paint brushes and rollers fresh

If you need a break from your painting project and don’t want your paint brushes or rollers to dry. You don’t necessarily need to wash your brushes or rollers. Cover your paintbrushes or rollers in plastic bags and they will keep them fresh for a few hours.

2. Protect your plants

Cold weather and frostbite can ruin your plants. Protecting your plants in the cold will keep them from frostbites and lead them to wither away. Cover your plants with plastic bags and the plant is insulated. They will also protect the plant from the wind.

3. Crochet them together

If you are someone who is into crochet and knitting then this one is for you. Did you know that you can use plastic bags to crochet a bag? This tutorial on how to use plastic bags will surely help you create a bag.

4. Line your trash cans

The easiest way to repurpose your plastic bags is to line your trash cans. They are perfect to keep your trash cans clean and most plastic bags these days are biodegradable which makes them perfect for organic waste as well.

5. Create textures

Many painting techniques can be achieved from plastic bags. Cover the paint roller with a plastic bag and paint the walls like you usually do. But you can also crush up the plastic bag by pressing them on a wet wall to create pretty textures on your wall.