5 surprising ways to use your concealer

C’mon who doesn’t love a concealer that covers up that dark under eyes from watching Netflix all night or a pimple that decided to pop off on the day of an important meeting? Concealers are great for either of these problems but are you using the product to its fullest if you haven’t experimented with other ways you can use the same product?

Products like foundations, concealers, and highlighters can be used in various ways which makes them a great product to always have in hand when you are out and about. Today we will be talking about concealers and how differently you can use them.

1.Use it as a highlighter

Highlighters don’t always have to shimmer and glitter. Sometimes when you are craving a clean or even a professional look you need a highlighter that is subtle and does not glimmer in the sun. Highlight your cheekbones, nose, cupid’s bow, and forehead, by applying concealer on these areas, and don’t forget to blend!

A great tip is to blend the highlighter with a wet sponge or a beauty blender to get a flawless look.

2. Get that coverage

If you have mature skin and you are looking for a way to cover up wrinkles and get flawless youthful skin. Then, use a full coverage concealer as a foundation to get your desired look.

Don’t forget to create a moisturizing base and prime your skin to make them look flawless. Carrying a face mist with you along the way will give you a gleaming look. None wants a cake face!

3. Prime your eyelids

Priming your eyelids will allow you to create amazing eye looks that are makeup artist quality. A high-coverage concealer is the best primer you can find. Use a tapered brush and apply it all over your eyelids until your eyebrows.

Don’t forget to set it before you apply eyeshadow so you can avoid creasing the eyelids. If you want a bright lid, you can set the concealer with your eyeshadow color.

4. Contour

Use a darker shade of concealer to sculpt your face. The creamy consistency of concealers will allow you to blend into your skin beautifully and the product will easily melt into your skin. A great tip for a summer look!

These unexpected ways to use your concealer will surely make you use the product to the fullest and allows you to buy fewer products. Versatile beauty is the way to go! Now let us talk about our favorite concealer from Hynt Beauty.

The DUET perfecting concealer is the best concealer that you can get on the market. It gives you a non-shiny, natural finish that looks like skin and stays put all day, especially when dusted with finishing powder.

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