6 Skincare Tips to Follow this Autumn

As the season changes you will see how your skin changes too. In order to maintain an optimal skin condition, it is important to transition your skincare routine to different seasons.

Why? Well, usually our skin changes because of the environment. In the summer it is hot and humid, and your skin may feel greasy from all the excess moisture. In the winter it is dry and cold, and your skin may feel parched and dry. Your skin may change to other environmental stressors like air-conditioning, sun exposure, and air pollution.

When the environment around us changes, our skin must adapt to the environment. It just makes it easier if you help your skin out. So follow along these 8 skincare tips to follow this autumn:


Autumn is very unpredictable and the weather is always fluctuating. But one thing is certain which is hydration. As temperature drops and humidity levels decrease, your skin will start losing moisture and your skin gets drier. When your skin starts to dry up, your body starts producing sebum which can cause breakouts.

So, to avoid breakouts and keep your skin moisturized you need to hydrate from the inside out. This means that you need to drink a lot of water, hydrate foods, invest in a humidifier, and use special serums & moisturizers that are filled with humectants like AHA’s, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and urea.

2. Don’t forget your sunscreen

The only advice we can give you that is feasible all year round is to always wear sunscreen. It is crucial to wear SPF every day even if you are not going outside. SPF during autumn will prevent your skin from sunburns and reduces aging.

3. Give your lips some love

One of the first signs of autumn is not the leaves changing colors but its actually our lips drying up. Prevent dry, cracked lips by frequently moisturizing them with a lip balm. We also recommend you invest in a lip serum and scrub into your skincare routine to keep your lips nice and moisturized.

4. Body lotion is a must

Most skincare routines are only concentrated on the face but the body needs some love too. The best time to moisturize your skin is right after the shower when your skin is damp. Applying your moisturizer to your skin while its damp will allow the skin to seal in the moisture when it dries.

5. Invest in a hydrating cleanser

Does your skin feel tight, dry, or parched after using your cleanser? Then, it’s time to switch to a softer cleanser that will not remove the moisture from your skin. Using cleansers that are oil-based or a hydrating cleanser is crucial for fall because we don’t want our skin to feel dry.

6.Swap from light moisturizers to thick creams

In the summer, a lightweight moisturizer is all you need to feel hydrated but the autumn season calls for a thicker formula. This is the season to start befriending emollients and occlusive. Emollients help soften and make skin less prone to dryness while occlusives will seal in the moisture.