Green Gift Guide for Christmas!

There should never be a specific time to share your gratitude to the people you love. But when it comes to Christmas, it’s safe to say that a certain amount of spoiling is essential.

When it comes to gifting, it is always appreciated to know the likes and dislikes, whether they are fashion fanatics, humble homebodies, or beauty obsessed.

Yes, skincare and beauty can be necessities, but they also make a great gift. Whether they need a top-up of their go-to products or they just love green skincare or beauty brands, there’s bound to be a perfectly packaged must-have to place under the Christmas tree.

We’ve rounded up the best and most luxurious beauty and wellness gifts out there so you can enjoy shopping during the festive season.

For the Skincare lover:

Replenishing Rosewater Moisture Mist from Amala Beauty

Lightweight and refreshing, this facial rose water mist provides vital nutrients to the skin’s moisture barrier. The mist can instantly hit hydration to sensitive, dehydrated skin.
Bonus points, this is a great product to gift the makeup lover in your life as they don’t need to remove their makeup to moisturize their face.

Shop Here: Replenishing Rosewater Moisture Mist

Gua Sha from Odacité

Hand-crafted with crystal, the Gua Sha is known to tone, firm, and stimulate the skin.
Using a Gua Sha every day can improve blood circulation and keep the skin plump. Massaging the skin with the Gua Sha is also one of the best ways to have a mini self-care session every day.

Shop here: Crystal Gua Sha

Skin Plumping Hyaluronic Serum from Amala Beauty

If you have someone in your life who is obsessed with skincare. They would have surely mentioned the greatness of Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is a boost of hydration in a bottle. But the best part about this serum from Amala Beauty is that the Hyaluronic Acid and Red Algae synergize with an intensive blend of age-fighting activities that rehydrate the skin.

Shop Here: Skin Plumping Hyaluronic Serum

Black Mint Cleanser from Odacité

Everyone who is in love with skincare is always on the lookout for a great cleanser. The Black Mint Cleanser is the best cleanser we have come by so far. A refreshing, minty cleanser that is powered by Activated Charcoal and Apple Amino Acids that will clarify the pores and eliminate excess oil, dirt impurities, and makeup. The cleanser also has a crisp fragrance of peppermint and tea tree oils that are known for purifying and stimulating the mind.

Shop Here: Black Mint Cleanser

Lip Scrub + Lip Serum from Henne Organics

This lip scrub and lip serum combination is the dream! The lip scrub is made of sugar that gently buffs dead skin off the lips and moisturizes the lips. The lip serum is made of different blends of oils that will help firm the lips and reduce the appearance of lip lines. The most luxurious part of the lip serum is that the rollerballs are gold plated to give a spa-like feel at home.

Shop Here: Luxury Lip Scrub and Luxury Lip Serum

Targeted Wrinkle Treatment from Amala Beauty

We have nothing against ageing but a great anti-ageing treatment is always a good choice. This targeted serum is scientifically proven to visibly tighten and smoothen skin, all thanks to the Summer Snowflake Bulb and Acai Berry. With continued use, this product will provide a radiant, youthful-looking complexion.

Shop Here: Targeted Wrinkle Treatment

Youth Renewing Powerhouse Face Cream from Amala Beauty

This cream is all about intense hydration. Yes! Skincare lovers just love hydration. The cream is made by Moth Bean, a powerful plant-derived retinol alternative and potent antioxidant, that will visibly smoothen the look of lines and wrinkles.

Shop Here: Youth Renewing Powerhouse Face Cream

For the makeup Guru:

Silk Finish Powder from Manasi 7

While buying makeup for the face, it can always be confusing considering the different skin shades that one might have. This is why we love this sheer white loose powder that turns translucent and virtually invisible once applied to the skin. This powder is the perfect matte finish that fits perfectly for all skin types and shades.

Shop Here:Silk Finish Powder

Luxury Lip Balm from Henne Organics

A luxurious lip balm is the best way to experience luxury every day. This organic lip
balm will give the ultimate moisture to the lips. This product will surely make your loved
ones happy.

Shop Here: Luxury Lip Balm

Luxury Lip Tint from Henne Organics

This vibrant pink lip tint immediately brightens up the face and gives a splash of playfulness. The best part of the tint is that it is buildable to a full-coverage lipstick. This lip tint would be the perfect gift for that office-goer in your life.

Shop Here: Luxury Lip Tint

Oat Milk Foundation from Ere Perez

This foundation is the perfect mix of non-greasy and natural finishes. The foundation is buildable and it’s long-lasting. Choosing the right shade may be tricky, but they are extremely versatile! Each shade suits a multitude of skin tones and subtle variations. Or you can message us and we will surely help you out to find the right shade for your loved ones.

Shop Here: Oat Milk Foundation

Athr Beauty Eyeshadow Palettes

When it comes to beauty gifting, eyeshadow palettes are pretty much a guaranteed winner. The athr beauty palettes are richly pigmented and each palette is infused with a different kind of crystal. All the palettes contain mattes, shimmers, and metallic shades that make them the most versatile palettes in the market. All you need to do is choose from all these beautiful palettes the one that would fit your loved one’s aesthetic. These palettes are also the most sustainable eyeshadow palette ever made.

Shop Here: Athr Beauty Eyeshadow palette

For the wellness lover:

Chai Latte Mushroom Mix from Four Sigmatic

A nice, hot cup of chai is the best feeling ever! Four Stigmatic is widely known for its mushroom blended beverages and they are life-changing. This chai latte is mellow and slightly sweet chai that is infused with gut-boosting mushrooms. Our suggestion is to gift this to someone obsessed with tea, just make a DIY tea hamper with delicious goodies and we are sure you will see a smile on their face.

Shop Here: Chai Latte Mushroom Mix

Hydrating Coconut Water from Laird

Hydration is key! This pure freeze-dried coconut water contains potassium and electrolytes which gives ultimate hydration to the body. This is the best gift you can give to someone who loves the gym because this is a much better swap to a traditional sugar-laden sports drink. This mix is all-natural, low in calories, and contains no sugar additives.

Shop Here: Hydrating Coconut Water

Stress & Anxiety Blend from The Cacao Club

The cacao club is a brand that uses ceremonial cacao, which is the highest form of cacao that is minimally processed and sustainable. The brand also believes that cacao is a healing product and they infuse their cacao in amazing herbs to give us the stress-free and mind relaxation that we all deserve. This particular blend is mixed with Ashwagandha that strengthens the nervous system and Hawthorn Berry improves blood supply. It is not just a cup of cacao anymore, it is a cup of peacefulness for your mind and body.

Shop Here: Stress & Anxiety Blend

For the moisturized queen:

Idan Oil from Liha Beauty

This multi-purpose oil is the most magical thing you will ever see. Like literally, ‘Idan’ means magic in Yoruba. This cold-pressed coconut oil gives the skin the moisture it deserves and the tuberose flower gives it a divine smell. This oil can be used in so many ways, as a leave-in conditioner, body oil or some have even used it as a perfume because of how divine it smells. Doesn’t this sound like the perfect gift to someone you love?

Shop Here: Idan Oil

Frangipani Body Oil from Shirley Conlon Organics

Luxurious and organic body oil is a must-have in any self-care session. This body oil has the ultimate blend of oils that are rich in antioxidants to keep the skin looking plump and youthful. Deeply nourishing with an uplifting dreamy scent of Frangipani to bring peace and bliss to mind, body, and soul.

Shop Here: Frangipani Body Oil


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