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What is Glass Skin?

The term ‘glass skin’ comes from the famous Korean skincare sector, known worldwide as “K-beauty”.  It refers to a complexion that is luminous and dewy with no obvious pores. Smooth and glowy, like glass.

Organic Glass Skin Routine By Guanako

We at Guanako don’t believe in  unrealistic  instant visible results, instead we believe in consistency & a multi dimensional approach.
Our team of experts have distilled the process down to a 7-step daytime routine. While that might be a few more steps than you’re used to, the results will be worth it.

Asian skin care introduced us to double cleansing, and we haven’t looked back since. A clean canvas is a must when it comes to your skin care routine, especially at night when your face has collected all that dirt, grease and makeup residue. Start with a cleansing oil or micellar water for your first cleanse, then follow with a gentle foam wash or cream cleanser.

We can’t talk clear and smooth skin without mentioning exfoliation. This step will slough away dead skin cells that dull skin and clog pores, Two to three times weekly is ideal to avoid irritations, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Tone your skin multiple times, letting the toner sit for a few seconds between each application. Toning should be done while your face is still damp from cleansing, because you’re trying to get as much hydration into your skin as possible before sealing it in with moisturiser.

Our natural toners are formulated with refreshing and moisture-enhancing ingredients (like green tea, galactomyces, ginseng and floral water) and are applied not only to restore the skin’s pH levels but also to provide base hydration and allow better absorption of oncoming products. Layering is key here to achieving the extremely hydrated skin that’s necessary for glass skin, so the 7 Skin Method—applying up to seven layers of toner to your skin—in general, works well for this.

Essences, the less-concentrated relatives of serums, tend to be more lightweight and watery in consistency (a cross between serums and toners). Like targeted treatments, they’re formulated to address skin concerns like pigmentation and redness but with the added purpose of delivering mega moisture and hydration.

These concentrated actives help nourish the skin, reverse signs of aging and promote collagen to help provide firmness, minimize pores and even out skin tone. hydrating serum with moisture-boosting ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides and vitamin E.

Moisturiser has the task of locking in hydration, to leave your skin looking dewy and gorgeous. Even oily skin needs moisturiser. In fact, oily skin can become even oilier if you don’t use moisturiser as part of your routine. Over-production of oil can be your skin’s way of trying to protect itself. 

Choose a cream made with 100% natural ingredients. After cleansing, toning and serum, your skin is ready to absorb nutrients and protective oils. Applying a coating of artificial ingredients is not ideal; be particularly careful about avoiding parabens and polyethlyene glycol. It’s smart to read the ingredients list on your skincare products, just as you do for food products. Look for things you’d be happy to put in your mouth!

You can’t make glass skin happen if you’re rocking dry patches and bags under your eyes. We recommend adding an eye cream or serum to nourish the fragile eye area that tends to be drier than the rest of your face (and that regular moisturizers may not be able to fully quench.)

K-beauty has given us some of the best skin care tips and tricks, but masks are arguably the ones the beauty world is most obsessed with. They also happen to be the easiest way to soothe tired skin, repair damage and lock in and replenish moisture.

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