Herbal Face Tonic from Ere Perez

With hotter days upon us, it’s time for us to start carrying a product that will keep you refreshed all day. One of our favorites to carry in our handbags is the Herbal Face Tonic from Ere Perez.

This product is not just a tonic that is an essential everyday beauty product but it also works to revive your skin throughout the day. The heat can really make your skin become dull and tired. A spritz of this tonic water will give your skin the hit of refreshment that it deserves and leave your skin with the every so loved dewy finish.

Let’s look at some of the ingredients in this ever so refreshing product:

  • Green tea leaf extract is full of antioxidants, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties
  • Mandarin cold-pressed oil is rich in vitamins c, b, and e, considered to soothe and brighten skin, witch hazel – known to reduce acne and tighten skin
  • Geranium tightens and boosts circulation in the skin
  • Aloe vera aids in cell renewal
  • Rosemary and grape seed oil hydrates the skin
  • Hyaluronic acid offers lasting moisture, collagen promotion, and protection from UVB rays.

This wonderful concoction of herbs will surely leave your skin feeling refreshed and dewy. We also have a few ways we like to use the herbal face tonic.

  1. In the morning we like to start with a healthy spritz of the herbal tonic followed by a few drops of serum and massage our face with a Gua Sha
  2. Before makeup, we love to spritz a good amount of this herbal tonic to give an extra boost of hydration.
  3. During the day, we love to spritz the herbal tonic whenever our skin is looking dull or tired.

The herbal face tonic is surely one of the most essential skincare products everyone should include in their skincare routine.

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