How does food become medicine with Wunder Workshop

One of our newest members of the Guanako family is Wunder Workshop. Firstly, at Guanako, we do not just introduce new brands. Our experts research and work on finding only the most authentic brands with toxic-free ingredients and make sure to try them out to see if they actually work.

Wunder Workshop’s ideology and mission really wanted us to add them to our family. This brand believes in the power of using plants as a wellness ritual. They focus on plants that have a quality that can be classified as such.

Created by Tom and Zoe in 2014, Wonder Workshop takes a lot of inspiration from Ayurveda, particularly how this ancient medical system used food as a way to maintain optimal physical and mental health.

By being transparent they are able to provide a sustainable and ethical relationship between the consumer and grower. Transparency is achieved with a full-circle approach through their products where the farmers, the environment, soil health, and consumers are in the mind at every stage, from growing to the final sip. Everything we consume carries a story to it and Wunder Workshop makes sure that these stories are communicated.

One of the main ingredients in their drinks is turmeric and we all know how amazing turmeric is to us. They ethically source organic turmeric straight from community farms in Sri Lanka. These community farms uses a sustainable form of farming called Forest Gardening, supporting Sri Lanka’s natural biodiversity, soil health, the farmers, and the local community. They avoid mono-cultural fairs wherever possible.

These are some of their missions that really made us fall in love with them:

  • They wanted to share the highest quality and sustainably sourced herbs, spices, mushrooms, and medicinal plants for the global community.
  • They want to only use sustainable and ethical farming techniques that are good for the grower, the environment, and the consumer.
  • They want to preserve the ancient and traditional wisdom of medicinal plants and connect people to that knowledge.
  • They also want to give back to the community and the plant by investing 1% of their yearly revenue into environmental, social, and women empowering projects.
  • They want to educate people about food as a functional tool to enrich our bodies.

These are some of the products that will be featured on Guanako:

Botanical Guardian Tincture – Immune Support

This tincture is infused with potent traditional herbs that include the essence of the mustard flower that naturally helps improve immunity through the changing seasons.

Golden Balance Adaptogen Blend

A powerful blend of golden Tumeric, Ashwagandha, and Liquorice that is designed to balance the effects of stress and improve female hormone balance.

Tumeric CBD – Regenerative Golden Drops

These regenerative golden drops that are infused with CBD provide nourishing anti-oxidants to the skin and reduce mental stress.

Golden Milk Vegan Latte – Chai

An organic turmeric latte blend that is naturally sweetened with premium Ceylon cinnamon and blended with black pepper & ginger to provide the perfect alternative to coffee and creates the perfect morning ritual.

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