How To Transition Your Skincare: From Winter to Spring

When the seasons change so should our skincare.

You may not know this, but your regular skincare routine most probably won’t work for you all year round. You change your clothes according to the changing seasons. So why not change your skincare too? Whether you have sensitive skin, oily, or balanced, your skin most probably will be affected by seasonal changes in the weather.

Find best organic and natural skincare products that suit your skin as spring sets in, with our small selection guide:

1. Cleanser:

As spring sets in and the days grow warmer, our skin becomes oilier. Why? Because the increase in heat can increase sebum levels.

Try cleansing formulas with ingredients like mint and castor bean to help to brighten, eliminate excess oil and clean congested skin.

Black Mint Cleanser

Olive and Castor Bean Cleansing Milk

2. Serum:

It’s time to store away the rich, creamy face serums and swap them for lighter ones. 

In the warm weather, serums with ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin E, and green tea help prevent damage caused by the sun and surrounding pollution, which can lead to premature skin aging and wrinkles.

Pa+G Papaya + Geranium Hyperpigmentation Serum Concentrate

CaR Wild Carrot Vital Glow Serum Concentrate

Papaya SOS Marmalade

Weightless Vitamin C Water Cream

3. Sunscreen:

Pretty much everyone agrees, sun care is the key to healthy skin, in winter or summer and definitely in spring!

In spring you should begin to up your sunscreen game. Light sun protection creams that won’t clog pores are great for protecting your skin from dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and other complexion problems.

SUN PREP Broad Spectrum SPF25

Sun Lip Balm SPF15 Lip Balm

4. Exfoliant:

Winter tends to make our skin dry and rough. To get that perfect spring rosiness, you need to get rid of those leftover layers of dead winter skin.

A gentle exfoliant one or twice a week will get rid of the dead skin to reveal a fresh, clean and glowing face.

Retexturizing Micro Polish

Clarifying Charcoal & Clay Mask