Introducing Ida Gasparova, the new face of Guanako

Ida is an entrepreneur, animal activist, model, and influencer. When Ida decided to retire from modeling and starting her journey as an entrepreneur. She dedicated her time exploring the world. In order to find herself, While on her trip to Laos, she saw Elephants enjoying their freedom in their natural habitat. This was a turning point for her that made her realize how humans are destroying nature’s freedom. This is when she took it upon herself to actively give back to nature.

Her journey to living a more sustainable life inspired us to make Ida the new face of Guanako. We want to give back to nature and create the balance that once existed on Earth. We approached Ida explaining our mission to become a lifestyle platform that will make clean, vegan, and organic products accessible to all. We ensure that all the brands that are available on Guanako are not just good for you but also for the Earth that we so dearly call home. We are excited to have Ida advocate our mission to endorse products that care about you and the environment.

Guanako and Ida will forever remain faithful to our mission to create a non-toxic lifestyle for all!

Ida is using the All Over Colour – Bisque from Manasi7