Let’s talk about clean swap

When we think about staying healthy, we always think about going vegan or buying more organic food, or hitting the gym. Often, many forget about skin & hair care. Most related products available in the supermarket are filled with toxic ingredients. Yes, these toxic ingredients that you use on your skin and hair can also be the reason for your health issues. Chemicals are not necessarily bad for you but the beauty products you use may be exposing you to harmful chemicals that can cause skin irritation, hormonal problems and increase the risk of several health issues.

Making the swap

Remember to not let the price of beauty products stop you from swapping. We recommend you
switch to natural products, this way you are exposed to less toxic chemicals and as a bonus
while being more environmentally friendly.

Some of the beauty products you can swap are:

Haircare: The sulfate in your shampoo that gets foamy and the fragrance that makes you smell like a field of flowers is what is causing your skin irritation.
While a clean shampoo is more gentle for your hair and scalp.

Skincare: Most skincare products can be swapped to essential oils and masks or exfoliants can be a simple DIY recipe. But if you don’t have the time, you can always look for the ingredients in the brand that you prefer. Look for products that don’t contain silicones which are commonly found in serums to make them feel smoother. The general rule is to look for products that have fewer ingredients in them.

Deodorants: If you are looking for a clean deodorant, look for products that are aluminum-free or paraben-free. While the ultimate swap for deodorant is baking soda, an all-natural deodorant that can keep your underarms feeling fresh all day.

Makeup: Clean makeup is becoming a huge trend these days as due to consumer demand, a lot of new clean makeup brands are emerging. Any makeup product that is highly pigmented is most likely made of artificial color. Look for brands that are verified by EWG- these are products that can be used for cheeks, lips, and eyes