At-Home Spa Bundle

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This at-home spa trio will bring you glowing & hydrated skin from head-to-toe, all while balancing your soul and mind through aromatherapy.

Calm the mind and reboot your vibrations with the Crystal Bath Salts: A combination of magnesium and Himalayan salt flakes, each blend helps to improve sleep, improve magnesium levels, and detoxify the body while improving cell function. Crystal quartz provides extra purificatiton.

Deliver velvety hydration to your body with Bath Oil by A Conscious Edit: A blend that has unique healing and anti-inflammatory properties which sooth and nourish.

Complete your relaxation experience with the Silk Eye Pillow by A Conscious Edit: Made from 100% pure raw hand-loomed silk our eye pillows provide a gentle pressure which relieves facial tension, compliments meditation, helps induce sleep, and aids your inner and outer beauty. Settle yourself and settle your mind.

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