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Thinking about what to gift your co-workers? Well, this box is the perfect gift for colleagues as in contains some of the essentials that they might need in the office. All the products in the box are vegan, organic and consciously sourced to aid the environment and our bodies.

The corporate box contains:

A classic ceramic mug that can either be used as a mug for those unlimited coffee refills or store stationeries on the desk.
2.Golden mylk classic latte from Wunder Workshop
The golden milk from Wunder Workshop is made from organic turmeric that is sourced from small community farms in Sri Lanka and coconut milk powder. It’s easy to make and it easily calms the mind and soul.
3.Verbena Hand cream from Officina Naturae
Powered by Burdock, Prickly pear, Mallow, and Vitamin E where they all work together to not just moisturize the hands but also protect them all day.
4.Uni (sex) No.5 deodorant from Agent Nateur
All-natural and aluminium-free deodorant that only keeps you fresh all day but also helps the body from damage due to heavy metals found in normal deodorants. Made from coconut oil, avocado oil, castor oil, sandalwood oil and vetiver oil works together to keep everything fresh as a lily.
A must-have essential, especially in a public environment like an office.
6. Wooden comb
We have all been there where by the end of the day your hair looks like a hot mess. Let’s not let that happen to your co-worker.
7. Manicure set
You never know when they might need a nail cutter or a tweezer when they are on the go. We think it’s better safe than sorry.
8. Mint tabs Mouthwash from Officina Naturae
A plastic-free and bio-free mouthwash that is perfect for the on-the-go. It is easy to use and you will be saving 8 bottles of liquid mouthwash and it lasts longer than 3 months.
8. Pouch
We had to include a pouch to make your co-worker’s desk more organized and free up some space for them for other important things or just to make it easier for them to carry to the bathroom.