Hot Cacao Cordyceps 20 Sachets


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Mushroom dual extract and herbal blend powder, 20 x 3000 mg

Top 2 Benefits of Cordyceps
1. Boost energy levels
2. Improve sexual performance

Cordyceps mushroom
Cordyceps mushroom (Ophiocordyceps sinensis), the active ingredient of Instant Cordyceps, has some exciting properties for anyone who desires to improve his/her performance. Many scientific studies have shown that cordyceps can increase one’s maximal oxygen intake (VO2 max) by up to 15%. Oxygen is the most important element for your body. By using cordyceps you will be more energetic and achieve exceptional performances in sports, at work, at home and not to mention in the bedroom!


How To Use

Add one packet to 200ml of hot water.


20 Sachets


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