Meditation Eye Pillow Black and Cream

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A Conscious Edit Sun & Moon Meditation Eye Pillow is made of pure raw hand-loomed silk and filled with organic lavender and linseeds to help to relieve facial tension, relaxes the muscles around the eyes and helps induce sleep; providing you with the ideal complement to meditation or relaxation.                                  

Settle the unsettled mind for sensory equilibrium.


100% pure raw hand-loomed silk. Organic Linseeds, Organic
Inner bag: organic cotton.





How To Use

Lay down comfortably and place the eye pillow over eyes for deep relaxation.
The eye pillow can be heated up but the silk cover needs to be removed.
Care: Remove outer cover and gently hand wash in cool water. This product is
handcrafted using the finest natural fibres & printing techniques. Due to the
nature fibres the nature of this fabric may change after washing.


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