Mon Ami Acupressure Tool

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Created to melt away tension, the Mon Ami Acupressure Tool helps to stimulate energy flow and relax the contractions (think: squints, frowns and furrows) that lead to fine lines and reduced elasticity. With roots in traditional Chinese medicine, this elegant tool has a round, ball-shaped head that facilitates access to creases and contours – helping you press the key points on your face that can unclog the energy blockages. When used with your favourite Odacité face oil this makes for a mindful routine, while the tool works to gradually smooth stubborn lines and ensure a relaxed and awakened appearance. With regular use, you’ll notice a difference in skin’s tone and texture, as well as reduced facial tension.

How To Use

Use the rounded end. Apply medium pressure on acupressure points for three-second increments, following the acupressure chart. For added relaxation pair each pressure application with a deep breath and full exhalation. Repeat on each pressure point three times. Bonus! Use the flat end as a spatula to scoop the perfect amount of product.