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This box is the perfect gift for someone who loves to travel or has an upcoming trip planned in the future. It contains all the essentials that one needs to survive their travel and stay in a place that’s not home. All the products included in this box are conscious, organic, natural and vegan.

The travel box contains the following:

1.Cranberry Lip & Eye Butter from Ere Perez
This pot of magic is specifically made to target and moisturize delicate skin like the lips and eyes. A creamy formula of shea butter, cranberry fruit, cucumber & lactic acid work together to plum and stimulate the growth of skin cells in these delicate areas.
2. Verbena Hand cream from Officina Naturae
Powered by Burdock, Prickly pear, Mallow, and Vitamin E where they all work together to not just moisturize the hands but also protect them all day.
3. Uni (sex) No.5 Deodorant from Agent Nateur
All-natural and aluminum-free deodorant that only keeps you fresh all day but also helps the body from damage due to heavy metals found in normal deodorants. Made from coconut oil, avocado oil, castor oil, sandalwood oil, and vetiver oil works together to keep everything fresh as a lily.
4. Bamboo Tooth Brush
A soft-bristled toothbrush with a bamboo handle is such a conscious must-have in anyone’s life.
5. Denti Travel Tabs Toothpaste from Officina Naturae
Made from organic menthol and peppermint oil is the perfect combination that helps refresh and protect the mouth from teeth and gum diseases.
6. Travel Pouch
A chic little pouch so they can carry all their essentials in their carry-on.
7. Manicure set
You never know when they might need a nail cutter or a tweezer when they are on the go. We think it’s better safe than sorry.
8. Sanitizer
One of the major necessities while traveling is to keep oneself safe and clean throughout the whole journey.

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