Skincare and beauty essentials from Guanako

We asked our muse Ida Gasparova what her essential products are from Guanako. She gave us a list of products that she likes to have on hand to keep herself looking glam all day long. These are some of the products that she loves.

Youth-Renewing Powerhouse Face Cream from Amala Beauty – Ida believes that aging cannot be stopped but the skin can be improved with the right products. She gets her youthful and smooth skin from using this face cream. The youth-renewing powerhouse face cream gives skin the boost of hydration and antioxidants that help to smooth skin texture and minimize signs of aging. Made with a concoction of natural ingredients such as French pine extract for skin protection, Moth bean as a natural Retinol alternative, and Cupucau butter for intense hydration.

Moisture Melt Hand Cream from Amala Beauty – Ida says that “many of us concentrate so much on our face that we forget our hands”. She believes that having well-maintained, moisturized, and smooth hands will make you instantly elegant. Also, who likes to have dry and flaky hands anyway. She loves to carry the moisture melt hand cream in her handbag at all times. The product is also small enough to carry in a clutch or a party bag. This cream is made with Shea butter and other essential plant oils that will keep your hands, nails, and cuticles moisturized throughout the day.

All Over Colour in Bisque from Manasi 7 – Ida loves a minimal and chic makeup look. She loves neutral shades that give her the perfect no-makeup makeup look. As an entrepreneur to a fashion brand and influencer, she does not have the time to do her makeup. This is why she loves the multi-functional and pigmented ‘all over colour’ from Manasi 7. She says that she likes to carry this product in her handbag and uses it to touch up her makeup in the car. She loves to use Bisque as blush and lipstick and a little bit of mascara as an everyday look.