Our brand persona is of a woman who is kind, someone in her late twenties that thrives for change. She is strong headed but also gentle. Her approach in life is with positivity and perseverance.

Guanako woman dreams of playing a lead role in changing people’s idea of wellness and sustainability. She believes that actions speak louder than words and thus pushes people to live a more conscious lifestyle.

Product focus

we are sustainable

It started with the idea of bringing change in the beauty industry, by removing toxins from personal care products. But slowly the idea expanded into other streams.

Today we want to revolutionize people’s “purchasing” behavior, whether it has to do with beauty, fashion or wellness. 

we empower

At Guanako we not only believe in having sustainable products for our customers but also a sustainable work environment for our associates. We believe in transparency, fair working conditions and empowerment.

We exercise having long term relationships with people/companies that agree with our vision and believe  in the idea of mutual empowerment.