Sun Care For Spring & Summer: Green Beauty Experts’ Tips

Hot girl summer is fast approaching and spring is already here. The days are filled with sunshine, and time spent outdoors. It is therefore vital to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Incorporating sun protection into your daily routine is as vital as anti-aging skincare is for your skin. Using combative measures is of little use after the sun has already damaged your skin.

Sun protection products should be the be-all and end-all of your daily skincare routine. Be sure not to focus solely on the areas that are most susceptible to sunburn but on your overall body and hair which should be protected as well with hats, caps and cover-ups.

1. Day cream with SPF

UV or Ultraviolet radiations are the invisible rays from the sun that can burn the skin, and cause skin cancer. Exposure to UV rays may cause premature aging of the skin and signs of sun damage such as wrinkles, leathery skin, liver spots, and persistent acne scars.

Due to obvious reasons, the face is the most susceptible part of the body that can be damaged by UV rays; therefore it must be protected at all costs!

Daily use of a day cream with SPF 15 or above is recommended to prevent premature skin aging. The main function of SPF is to protect the skin against UV rays.

Guanako Green Beauty Experts’ Tips:

Our choice of product is the Sun Prep Broad Spectrum SPF 25 cream that protects, nourishes and repairs the skin. Sun Prep Broa Spectrum Skincare SPF 25 naturally shields delicate skin on your face from UVA/UVB rays. A plus with this product is that it is filled with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant rich organic plant extracts such as rhatany root, green tea leaf, pine bark and aloe that soothe and protect the skin while creating a flawless base. This cream doubles up as a skin primer that is lightweight with a transparent, non-greasy finish. It can be worn alone or under your makeup.

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2. SPF for the eyes

One of the most sensitive areas of the skin is the area around your eyes because of the thinness of the skin. And this is the area that is often neglected and most susceptible to UV damage.

For the area around your eyes a gentler form of SPF is recommended.
The gentler SPF is beneficial to the delicate eye area, especially if you are a using more stronger, photosensitive ingredients and chemicals such as a retinol at night -which can make you more sun-sensitive.

Guanako Green Beauty Experts’ Tips:

We call this ‘miracle oil’. Why? Because this Rose Hip Oil is a super light and easily absorbed potent blend of botanicals and antioxidants that help improve the appearance of fine lines, acne scars, pigmentation & sun exposure.

Filled with rosa canina fruit oil, carrot and sea buckthorn, this serum helps reduce scarring & pigmentation, repair sun damage and relax the facial muscles giving an organic Botox effect.

For an added protection team the SPF rosehip oil serum with sunglasses and you’re good to go!

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3. Sun protection for the lips

At this point you probably know you’re supposed to slather yourself in sunscreen with at least SPF 15 every time you leave the house. But do you know your lips needs sunscreen too?

The lips are perhaps the most at-risk part of the face for UV damage because they are the most exposed to the sun. Most of the time we forget that the lips should be protected from the sun, just as any other body part. Applying sunscreen to your lips is crucial – especially the lower lip, because it faces upwards, towards the sun.

Guanako Green Beauty Experts’ Tips:

This SPF 15 Sun Lip Balm will give your lips the extra protection they
need against UV rays. The balm glides on silky smooth, and it is
formulated for a long-lasting effect. This Sun Protection Lip Balm is
packed full of amazing cold pressed oils of tangerine, chamomile and
a hint of vanilla to moisturize, protect and heal your lips. We’re

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