The best clean anti-aging cream

Texture changes, loss of moisture, dark spots, and fine lines are some of the signs of aging. We are all in for embracing growing older, but supporting every kind of skincare journey is also important. Today we are tackling aging.

The best way to tackle aging is to find products that will penetrate into the skin and give you all the benefits it needs to take action in the problem areas. Of course, there are so many amazing wrinkle treatments out there but this one is truly our favorite.

Let’s talk a little bit about the Youth-Renewing Powerhouse Face Cream from Amala Beauty

This cream is filled with ingredients that give immense hydration and anti-oxidants to the skin that will visibly smoothen the skin and give a younger-looking complexion.

The cream is made with amazing natural ingredients such as:

  1. French Pine Extract- This powerful active ingredient helps to strengthen the skin’s intracellular matrix by renewing and protecting collagen and elastin. It Is also rich in anti-inflammatory properties which help to counteract the effects of damage caused by the sun or other natural causes.
  2. Moth Bean- Moth bean is a natural Retinol alternative that is less irritating and is all-natural.  Moth bean helps to revitalize the skin for a firmer and refreshed appearance.
  3. Cupuacu Butter- Hydration is key when you are tackling aging. The Amazonian Cupuacu butter is hydrating and rich in Omega-3, protecting the skin from further damage.

Don’t think that the ingredients stop at this. Amala Beauty is known for its amazing science-baked ingredients. Below let’s talk about some ingredients that make the brand one of the best clean beauty brands.

  1. Living Beauty BioActive Complex is a concentrated blend of bio-active nutrients that helps skin revitalize. The blend consists of Peony, 23K rose gold, Vitamin C rich Amla, and Spirulina which boosts the appearance and smoothens the skin.
  2. Cocoa Pre+Probiotic is a power shot of protective and skin-balancing cacao bean probiotics. It is a vegan probiotic that helps skin feel firm, calm and gives skin a youthful appearance.

This is why we love clean beauty, you can truly see what goes into the products that you use. Learning how different ingredients do different things to your skin is just fascinating. These ingredients really work together to give you some amazing benefits.

These are some of the benefits of using this cream:

1. Enhances skin for a softer, smoother texture with increased suppleness, resilience, and hydration

2. Restores a remarkably firm look while improving the look of uneven skin tone and texture

3. Helps minimize the signs of aging while strengthening the skin’s protective barrier to preserve youthful elasticity

We now know everything we need to know about these amazing products. But we also need to see the results of a product before we purchase them. Amala Beauty conducted an independent study for 4 weeks and these were the results:

  1. 100% improvement in the firmness of the skin
  2. 95% reduction in wrinkle depth
  3. 90% smoother texture
  4. 90% improvement in skin

We are hoping that all these amazing benefits would have convinced you why we love this cream so much.

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