The Essential 10 Bottles of Liquid Heaven

Tired of trying to study labels to look out for harmful chemicals? Tired of trying to solve the side effects these chemicals cause? Forget the toxin stuffed meds and do yourself a favour by switching to these little liquid drops of gold, also known as Essential Oils.
So, you may ask, what exactly are Essential Oils? To answer your doubts, simply put, Essential Oils are natural, concentrated extracts from plants that retain the smell, flavor, benefits or “essence” of said plant, the oil has been extracted from.
Here is your one-stop guide to the must have 10 Essential Oils (EOs) to start of your collection:



This is the No.1 Essential Oil to keep at home. The Ancient Greeks were known to be beautiful and this is no surprise, as they used Lavender oil to keep away defects & blemishes. This EO can be applied to your skin to heal:
It may also be beneficial to breathe in Lavender EO as it can help alleviate headaches, induce sleep and relaxation. Can’t seem to fall asleep? Take a little sniff of this miracle worker, and see the difference!



Peppermint EO is minty fresh, and no doubt you’ve tasted Peppermint tea, or atleast heard about it. (If not, you’re living under a rock!)!
Did you know, Peppermint is known to promote respiratory & digestive health? Try something as simple as inhaling Peppermint EO to relive IBS symptoms or massaging it into your tummy to relieve stomach cramps and queasiness.
On skin, Peppermint helps give a cooling effect, relieves muscle pain, itchy skin conditions & relief from sunburn.
So next time you head to the beach, carry some Peppermint Oil with you!



Eucalyptus is easily identified through its strong smell.
But did you know, Eucalyptus EO is most beneficial to ease chest congestion and asthma, when applied on the chest and throat.
Another benefit of Eucalyptus EO is that it eliminates germs and odors. So, take some diluted Eucalyptus EO and spray it around your bathroom post your partners smelly morning bathroom sessions. (Sic!)


Tea Tree:

For all you hypochondriacs out there Tea Tree EO is your one stop medicinal cabinet for all your needs. This EO can treat almost all common sicknesses.
Tea Tree Oil can be applied on the skin and scalp to eliminate:
But watch out! There may be many benefits associated with Tea Tree oil, but do not eat or drink it!



Chamomile tea is an ancient Roman remedy to put you straight to bed. Inhaling the comforting scent of this flower is a known aromatherapy method to calm you down.
Apply Chamomile on your skin to help with:
Next you are PMSing, save yourself the argument and your partner the bashing, diffuse some Chamomile and relive your anxiety, stress & irritability.



Grapefruit EO is the “happy pill” of the aromatherapy world. Take a sniff to feel bright, cheery and energetic.

You can massage Grapefruit EO onto the skin topically for:

A word to the wise! Grapefruit is highly photosensitive, so please don’t plan to sunbath if you apply this oil for atleast 12-24 hours after application!


Ylang Ylang:

Ylang Ylang is a yellow, fresh flower with a beautiful spicy yet sweet scent.
This EO is used to help moisturize and enhance the elasticity and softness of the skin. In the summer, a mixture of Ylang Ylang EO with a carrier oil (such as coconut oil, almond oil etc.) can be applied to your scalp as a hair mask.
Ladies, it is also good to keep in mind, that the scent of Ylang Ylang EO is a selfesteem booster, so next time feeling down and out, take a whiff and move on!



Lemongrass is the multi-purpose powerhouse of the Essential Oil world. This EO is used to curb worry. As aromatherapy, Lemongrass EO is known to reduce anxiety and tension levels. Applied on the skin, it helps keeps insects away.
It is also good to keep in mind, that Lemongrass EO is a great anti-aging treatment for you ladies out there!



Bergamot is the Essential Oil to achieve maximum chill! This EO is derived from the rinds of the Bergamot fruit (a combination of oranges and lemons).
When added into massage oils, body lotions, colognes Bergamot EO help reduce stress, alleviate pain and inflammation.
Remember Bergamot is also a citrus fruit; so don’t go into the sunshine after applying. Because an uneven tan is just not pretty!



This last Essential Oil is not only good for your skin, but also your head!
Rubbing Rosemary EO into the scalp helps increase blood flow, which in turn stimulates hair growth. A bonus perk of this EO, is to enhance brainpower.
In aromatherapy, Rosemary EO can improve speed and efficiency while doing mentally challenging tasks. It also leaves you feeling refreshed and mentally revived.
So there you have it ladies! All you need to know!
Remember ladies, each body is different, and so each Essential Oil may react to you differently. Another good rule to keep in mind when buying EOs is – quality over quantity and keep your wits about you.

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