Top 8 Winter Wellness Must Haves

It’s the season of dry skin, chapped lips, and breakouts galore. Winter has set in and it is causing chaos for complexions everywhere!

So what’s a girl to do to deal with this?

Luckily for us ladies, there are ways we can get rid of the dryness, dullness, and acne splashes this climate brings to you; all it takes is a little expert knowledge and self-care.

Read on below for the ‘Top Winter Wellness Must Haves’ you are missing out on:

1.Oleosomes Time Release Delivery Crème

This may seem obvious but the dryness in the air increases the skin’s natural dryness. Therefore, it is hugely important to keep your skin moisturized during these harsh winter months.

The Oleosomes Time Release Delivery Crème hydrates and nourishes yourskin from the inside out! Formulated with aloe vera for maximum hydration, antioxidant-rich tea extracts to reduce signs of aging, and hyaluronic acid to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This crème instantly envelops your skin to give a feeling of newfound hydration.

Can be used alone as a high-performing moisturizer, delivering the perfect dose of hydration to your skin this winter.

We recommend to super charge it with 2-3 drops of the targeted Serum Concentrate to create a customized intensive skincare solution!

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2. Silkening Creamy Moisture Cleanse

Most cleansers make your skin even drier than it already is but this replenishing and retexturing cleanser achieves the total opposite!

Clinically proven to maintain the skin’s optimal moisture levels- even after continued use, this creamy cleanser works best when used twice a day morning and night- to keep your skin healthy, bouncy, and beautiful!

Make your skin the smooth, clean canvas it deserves to be before you follow up with the rest of your night-time skincare routine.

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3. Lip Mask

No one likes to feel his or her own lips dry and chapped; it is really painful. And quite frankly, no one wants to kiss them either!

But this luxury lip mask takes away those woes.

Made with sea buckthorn and evening primrose oil, this rejuvenating lip mask may be used twice a week for best results! Apply a thick layer of the lip mask onto your lips and leave it on for 15-30 minutes. When you’re ready to remove the mask, gently wipe it off the lips with a tissue.

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4.Vitamin C Elixir

Vitamin C is touted as one of the best anti-aging ingredients on the market: the key to maintaining a smooth, even, and glowy complexion.

This certified organic, cruelty-free handmade product targets aging, pigmentation, and pollution. It penetrates the skin easily to give you the best of results! Plus, the scent is so good!

Go ahead! Lighten, brighten, and enhance your skin!

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5. Nourishing Marshmallow, Yarrow & Chamomile Mask

This is the perfect winter skincare product!

With key ingredients such as Kaolin Clay, Marshmallow Root, Chamomile Root, and Yarrow, this facemask was made for dry, irritated, and rosacea prone skin.

Take a spoonful of this powder-like substance, mix with water, and create a smooth paste.

Then you can begin applying right away!

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6. Concentrated Repair Balm

This is especially perfect for the difficult times we live in.

This nourishing, Moringa scented balm rejuvenates; helps reduce the appearance of redness and irritation.

This balm melts instantly upon touch into the skin. It promotes pre-renewal, calms, and hydrates the skin even after you continuously wear the mask for hours on end!

So next time you head home, remove the mask, wash your hands, and apply this amazing balm to instantly soothe your skin!

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7. Cranberry Lip Eye Butter

Three words: moisturize + regenerate + protect.

This ultimate lip and eye butter deeply moisturizes to regenerate delicate skin. A rich mixture of shea butter, cranberry, cucumber, and lactic acid prevents and nourishes the crow’s feet that may appear around your lips and eyes.

This butter also helps managing environmental stressors on the skin such as air dryness, overexposure, and UV radiation.

You are never too young to start applying a good eye cream!

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8.Idan Oil

Idan is the Yoruba word for magic – a perfect synonym for this oil.

This sublime body oil moisturizes the driest of skin. Made with natural, cold-pressed coconut oil into which a Tuberose flower has been immersed, this oil not only smells divine but also leaves your skin feeling soft, supple, and oh-so-tempting!

For the divine goddess in you!

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