Which Odacite Serum Concentrate Is Right For You?

What if we told you, the products you are using on your skin are not working because your skin is hungry for something more?

Skincare is a mixture of art & science. There is a specific chemistry and biocompatibility between the products you are using and your skin. Daily lifestyle factors such as weather, pollution, stress and the quality of sleep have a huge impact on your skin and each trigger has its own special need. That is why Odacite have created a range of serums to supercharge your skin for each specific need.

If you’re worried about signs of aging you need
CaR Wild Carrot Vital Glow Serum Concentrate (https://www.guanako.com/product/car-wild-carrot-vital-glow-serum-concentrate/) or Ac+R Acai + Rose Youthful Glow Serum Concentrate (https://www.guanako.com/product/acr-acai-rose-youthful-glow-serum-concentrate/)

With rare and precious ingredients, these day and night oils absorb almost instantly when pressed into newly cleansed skin before bed. Ingredients such as highest-grade cold-pressed certified wild carrot oil, acai oil, certified GMO-free vitamin E oil, rose oil and jasmine oil provide youth-boosting benefits to improve the appearance of your skin; tone, texture, wrinkles & firmness.

If you like the feel of bouncy, bare and wrinkle-free skin, these serums are pure magic! Each drop of these nutrient rich oils help establish a vital, youthful glow, which makes wearing makeup optional!

If your skin feels tight and has lost its elasticity you need Ma+N Marula + Neroli

Elasticity Serum Concentrate (https://www.guanako.com/product/man-marula-

Formulated specifically for those skins missing the bounce of elasticity. This day serum intensely moistures the skin that feels tight and has lost its bounce. Thirst quenching ingredients like Marula oil absorbs quickly, without clogging pores, and creates a lipid layer on skin’s surface to help restore the skin’s hydration for a plumper look. Extraordinary Neroli & Rose oils help maintain a supple, smooth and youthful-looking complexion.

If you have sagging under eyes and crows-feet then you should try Ba+S Baobab + Sarsaparilla Eye Contour Serum Concentrate (Roller Applicator)


This highly nutritive serum is rich in vitamins A, E & F and Baobab oil is specially formulated for the delicate, thin skin of the eye contour. The roller applicator targets all visible signs of aging around the fragile eye area, helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Other ingredients like Sarsaparilla support smoother skin and help to reduce the appearance of puffiness & dark circles around the eyes. Magic in a bottle!

Pair it with Ac+R Acai + Rose Youthful Glow Serum Concentrate for a 360o anti-aging treatment!

If dullness and dark spots are making you self-conscious then invest in Gt+L Green Tea + Lemongrass Radiance Effect Serum Concentrate



Pa+G Papaya + Geranium Hyperpigmentation Serum Concentrate


Has your skin lost its radiance and on top of it you need to combat dark spots? Then these ultra-performing serums are for you!

These powerhouse serum cocktails of brightening, dark spot diminishing and luminosity-boosting natural ingredients work to quickly recapture your radiance. Brimming with geranium oil, lemon oil, papaya seed oil, and green tea extract, this serum nourishes your skin to restore inner radiance and lessen brown patches, fade blemish scars and overall revitalize.

Say hello to glow and goodbye to dullness!

If your skin is prone to acne try Bl+C Black Cumin + Cajeput Pimples Serum Concentrate (https://www.guanako.com/product/blc-black-cumin-cajeput-pimples-serum-concentrate/)

Formulated specifically for pimple-prone skin. This potent serum rich in black cumin and cajeput, helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes. Black Cumin oil helps purify the skin, promoting a more smooth and clear appearance while Cajeput supports a fresh & clean complexion, visibly free of blemishes.

We love these serums because they are highly concentrated. Two-three drops in the morning or night is all you need to awaken your skin’s inner beauty.